Pike fishing

Pike fishing in Ireland is mostly in lakes and a boat is required because it is rarely fishable from the bank.

Most common fishing methods are artificial lure casting, dead-baiting with floats and trolling. These methods often vary, depending on the weather and the season.
If spinners and spoons are still very efficient, artificial lures as jerk-baits, swim-baits and rubber lures are mainly used and very successful. Choose sizes 4 to 6 inches, weighing ¾ Oz to 3 Oz. The choice of colours is important (white, red, yellow, orange,perch and tiger).
You can wobble dead baits with ”Drachkovitch” rigs or fish with a float you will move or troll very slowly. Seldom used, static dead baiting is an efficient method as well, especially on difficult days in winter or added while you fish with lures. However, you will need dead baits (roach or rudd)  which Christophe will supply you with (included in Organization and Help Fee).


  • Pike fishing open all year around
  • No required licence or permit
  • No kill only and every fish will be handled with care live baiting is prohibited by law
  • 2 fishing rods per person maximum
  • Every angler is demanded to have regard for environment, farms, fences and cattle.
  • Best seasons: mid-May to mid July then September and October.

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