Equipment and guiding

Pike angling

  • One 7′ to 8 ‘ spinning rod (power 1.5 Oz to 4 Oz ), reel model 4000 lined with 25 lbs braid or 20 lbs nylon.
  • One 8′ to 9′ spinning rod (power 1/4 Oz to 1 ¼ Oz ), reel model 2500 to 3000 lined with 15 lbs braid or 12 lbs nylon. Spare spool lined with 10 to 12 lbs braid.
  • Spinners and spoons size 4 to 5, lures (crank baits, jerk baits and swim baits) 1 to 3 Oz, rubber lures 4” to 6 ”, dead baiting rigs.
  • Swivels, traces (steel, kevlar or fluorocarbon), forceps or pliers, trebble hooks size 4 to 8, floats, knife, sunglasses and sun cream.

Trout angling

Depending on fishing methods you like
  • Worm rolling rod (9′ to 10′)
  • fly rod (8′ to 9′) line 5
  • Spinning rod 6′ to 7′ (power 1/16 Oz to1/4 Oz), reel 1000 to 2000 lined with 3 to 4 lbs nylon
  • Spinning rod 8′ to 9′ (power 1/8 to ½ Oz), reel 2000 lined with 5 lbs nylon
  • Waders, hat, waterproof jacket, swivels size 1, spinners size 1 to 2, lures, rubber minnows 2” to 3”, trebble hooks size 8, minnow rigs and little forceps.
Anglers will need multi-layers and rainproof clothes. Taking off or adding layers depends on the very variable weather and it is better to be warm enough.
It’s advised to have spare clothes in the car.
At Finford House, you are are going to find every  equipment replacement you might need and two fishing tackle shops close by. If you don’t want to be bothered with equipment, we have rods, reels and wellingtons for rent at 12 euros a day all inclusive (plus 70 euros deposit).
It is necessary to notice that you have to bring your lures, waders and little equipment.
Also, you can rent a fishing boat with motor, oars, anchor, life jackets and fish finder (2 anglers maximum per boat).    Price: 50 euros/boat/day.

Ghillie service / guiding:

We offer ghillie service if you are not familiar with fishing in irish waters because fishing methods depend on lakes, rivers, seasons and weather. In spite of the big density of fish, some anglers get  moderate results when they think fishing techniques are the same everywhere. Don’t forget that season, weather, depth and colour of water make fish behave differently according to the day.
If you want, Christophe will accompany you and will guide you during the day, also he will advise you about equipment and will supply you with boats for pike fishing.
Use of guiding service will make you save a lot of time and have much bigger chance of succeeding.
Prices: 120 euros a day (up to 3 people)
75 euros half a day

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