Brown Trout fishing

Brown trout (similar as Fario Trout in Europ) are very numerous in most of the irish rivers. Though big trouts are not exceptional, many of them are 8 to 12 inches long. Every year we catch fish from 2 to 5 lbs.
No licence is required in most of the rivers but a permit is requested in some of them by local angling clubs.
Season is open from Mid-February or March to September.
The biggest trouts are often caught in the largest rivers.
Despite a few of them in Clare lakes, they are very abundant in rivers where trout angling is a real sport practised in wonderful sceneries.
However, a good day’s fishing (30 to 50 trouts) will be the reward to the angler as the fish are not feeding all the time. If they are not in the mood, the angler will need to try several fishing techniques to make the trouts change their mind..
Trout fishing methods:
Worm rolling: seldom used because it harms many little fish but very efficient in muddy waters or early season.
Fly fishing: Nearly the only method used by irish people, this noble art is successful  and provides good fish. May to July are the best months. We’ll advise you on the best spots and best flies. You can ask for a ghillie if necessary.
Lure fishing: All purpose formula, sporting and very successful method, it is Christophe particular speciality and he designes spinners himself. It needs to be accurate and precise but this fishing method allows the angler to explore every shallow water up to 3 or 4 feet. Wading is essential so waders are indispensable to the angler who will bring his own (plus patches and glu to fix punctures).


Sea trout fishing

Sea trouts are sporting fish and often good sized (1 to 6 lbs). The fight is amaizing as this fish grew up in the sea.
they stay in estuaries and river ends from March to October with the highest densities in the summer. The fishing mainly depends on tides and river levels and should be practised with lures (spinners and baits). That may be an intersting entertainment for a change during a fishing trip. A licence is compulsory to fish for sea trout in rivers.  By law, ”Catch and release” is the rule.


Salmon fishing

Closed in most of the rivers in Clare at the moment because of population decline. A casual catch is possible but fish must be released with care.

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